What to Expect

when you visit


1.) Ordinary people pursuing an extraordinary God together

We want to be the kind of church where God is clearly the biggest deal in the church -- not us. We love meeting all kinds of new people and helping them take their next steps of faith, whether they're just exploring Christianity or long-time committed Christians. So, wear whatever you're comfortable in and bring all your tough questions! There's no need to impress anyone at Redemption.

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2.) Children's ministry (Walkers-K)

We have a team of passionate volunteers who are eager to care for your kids and point them to Jesus. Each volunteer has been vetted using a thorough background check system. We're also blessed with a wonderful deacon of Children's Ministry, Anna Scherer, who has incredible experience as a former Christian school teacher ! We love kids here. We're also passionate about becoming Christ-like parents together.


3.) Mostly street parking 😊

We share a building with Nativity Lutheran Church on the corner of 69th & Bluemound. We're in the city! Unfortunately, our parking lot only holds about 7-8 cars, so most of us use street parking. It's usually best to park along 69th or 70th street, just South of Bluemound. We have two main entrances -- one on Bluemound and another on 69th Street. Parents can use our Family Drop-off Zone at the 69th Street entrance for easy access to Children's Check-in.


4.) Gospel-centered singing, prayer, and preaching 

Our services are usually around 70-75 minutes long. They're designed to get our focus on God, and to help us become more like Jesus. We're not a real flashy church -- that's on purpose. We think the substance of our worship is more important than the style. We read the Bible together. We pray and sing about all the rich and dynamic things that it says. And the climax of each service is a 35-40 minute sermon from Scripture that points us to the gospel.


5.) A small-but-growing church with a BIG vision

We want to see God transform many lives and raise up multiple new healthy churches here in Milwaukee -- and we believe he will! We also know that most worthwhile endeavors take time. We're not a big, impressive church with all the details figured out. For now, we're a small family of disciples working together to start something truly special. We would love to have you join us!